I know I might sound like a broken record…but I love street art. Haha, you all can totally tell right?? I saw this on on Mott Street and street artist Apexer created this awesome mural. I like the contrast in layer with the different types of blues. There is a great overlap and dimension into the background. Also, the kisses are a perfect touch to the mural too.


Apexer…if you are reading this, can you make this into an iPhone case? Thank you!

-km xoxo


#TBT: Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest


If you need to have a quick escape and have no time to spend with nature I would say go to the New Museum. Pipilotti Rist’s Pixel Forest is out on display at the museum.

I went with one of my best friends, Allie (blogger of the The Rebel Planner) and literally we had a blast. Personally, I thought some of the exhibition was a little provocative by showing the female anatomy and I was not sure if there male parts as well. However, I did understand where Rist’s outtake was, how the female body has continued to be objectified and she uses it as a contrast to dreams.

The major theme to Rist’s exhibition was dreams and I thought she was very clever how she interpreted through her art. For example, in this photo bellow, it is like a dream scene you see in the movies where all the sheets are drying outside. I was so in awe how even the music coordinated so well with everything as well. The only scent that was not used was smell because I literally felt like I was in her art.


I think my most favorite was floor two, it had nerve-like light in one half in the room and another seating area with more video nature projections. All of the lights would go with the video’s music instead. Allie described it perfectly, it is like experiencing the film, the Avatar. The great thing about this piece was you were able to touch it and it was made out of some type of fiber glass. Warning, if you do end up going to the exhibition, please be careful of  walking because some people like myself kept bumping into the lights. So please do not break them.


The fourth floor was great because unlike the other first two floors there were a bunch of bed and couches laid. Visitors were able to lay on them without shoes and watch more of Rist’s nature films.


Each floor was so relaxing and she being able to catch a dream in one exhibition is amazing. The only thing that kind of freaked me out was the personal video pods. I went to one that was very haunting and it gave me a headache. I think the these videos were a contrast from pleasant dreams to nightmares.


Each experience Rist gives viewers something new and I enjoyed how interactive and relaxed the exhibition was. It was a great way to see the world in a different light; and it is a wonderful exhibition to attend.

The Pixel Forest will last until Sunday, Jan. 15th and go on a Thursday because it is Donation Nights from 6 – 9 P.M.

-km xoxo




Today is an important day, ELECTION DAY! Our future as Americans start today and it is our duty to vote our opinion. Please make sure you vote today and support our future President Hilary Clinton!

If you are in the New York or Los Angeles area  click here where to cast your vote: https://www.elections.ny.gov or https://www.lavote.net/locator.

Let’s get ready to make history everyone! #IFEELLIKEHILLZ #NASTYWOMAN

-km xoxo



Last week, I was in the subway minding my own business and then a gentleman walked in. What caught my eye about him was how impeccable his outfit was. On the bottom, there is a photo of him that I took on the subway and he is the perfect example for fall trends. I also included a self portrait of my self to show how similar people have in fashion trends and tastes. I took the photo of myself the week before and thought how interesting fashion in universal.

As for fall trends, light layering is the best way to go before the cold winter comes soon. These two outfits can be easily worn for casual Fridays at work or even a day in the city. Scarves and light sweaters will always be your best friends because even though it is sunny outside and there is a light breeze you can easily put them back in your bag. Otherwise, just keep them on all day depending on the weather. Do not forget the sunnies as well, they make an outfit more chic in my opinion and add a personal touch to the person’s outfit.

– km xoxo

Skeleton Art


Whenever I walk in SoHo, I would always find a new creative type of street art. Sometimes it is unusual and other times it is amazing. However, I treat every street art like a hidden treasure.

In this photo, I saw this two weeks ago and it is still on the same wall near a renovated wall. It is quite unique because it is a drawing pasted on the wall of a eerie like figure. Perfect for Halloween right?? The drawing is a half man and half skeleton; yet, from the neck down you can see the intestines of the person. It is an interesting figure of a drawing representing life and death.

Every time I pass by the art, it reminds me how Halloween is coming and how interesting the artist is making their mark in the world for someone else to find.

Art is everywhere. Do not forget to keep your eyes open and you will never know what you would see.

– km xoxo