I know I might sound like a broken record…but I love street art. Haha, you all can totally tell right?? I saw this on on Mott Street and street artist Apexer created this awesome mural. I like the contrast in layer with the different types of blues. There is a great overlap and dimension into the background. Also, the kisses are a perfect touch to the mural too.


Apexer…if you are reading this, can you make this into an iPhone case? Thank you!

-km xoxo





Today is an important day, ELECTION DAY! Our future as Americans start today and it is our duty to vote our opinion. Please make sure you vote today and support our future President Hilary Clinton!

If you are in the New York or Los Angeles area  click here where to cast your vote: https://www.elections.ny.gov or https://www.lavote.net/locator.

Let’s get ready to make history everyone! #IFEELLIKEHILLZ #NASTYWOMAN

-km xoxo



I had the opportunity to go visit Washington D.C. last weekend and I was inspired seeing this street art piece in the Newseum. It is a clown-like face terrifyingly screaming, “ACT UP!”  The piece was created on one of the Berlin Wall pieces and the museum displayed the wall as if you were there in the 1960s to late 1980s. However, when I was there, I could feel the horror and separation of the wall. The differences from front and back are like night and day. The “ACT UP!” side had other works surrounding the wall, but in the back was completely blank.

It made me realize how powerful street art has been during that time and how it is influential now. For instance, Bansky‘s street art is similar to this piece because it is thought provoking and a reminder what is going on in society. I believe everyone should visit and see this piece because it was a part of our nation’s history to help Germany win democracy and peace.

Here is the photo below:


I hope you can visit soon, learn about the Wall and its impact on the world.

-km xoxo




Happy Fri-yay!


IT IS OFFICIALLY FRIDAY!!! If you are in the city today, please keep your eyes out for these positive “Be Mighty” flyers in the Lower East Side. A couple of months ago one of my best friends and I saw these and loved them! Hopefully they are still out and bring a smile to your FRI-YAY!



-km xoxo

Words hurt


I was walking in the city with one of my best friends, Allie and do not forget to check out her blog, The Rebel Planner. We saw this street art on our way to dinner and I had a complete ah-ha moment.


It made me realize, people can be vicious and this street art depicts how other people feel when they get attacked. Yes, it is true we think we are all indestructible like the  right figure, but those harmful words can easily damage our mentality.

I love smart street art and it is a breath of fresh air to see what is really going on in society when no one speaks about it.

-km xoxo


Death of selfies

Art, Fashion

Everyone is guilty of taking selfies and even I admit to taking a few too — maybe more than a few. One day I was walking down the street and saw two posters I thought was very clever. The poster from the top is defying the selfie and the bottom one is an illustration of legendary designer, Coco Chanel.

I thought these two pieces of street art were ironic because they relate to the world people live in today. For instance, many celebrities to top fashion models take selfies to be relevant in the media. Frankly,  the fashion industry has taken advantage of using selfies too. This way they can promote new trends and advertise for new designers.

The top poster is  also just a great reminder to stop using technology or phones once in a while. I have noticed by just walking around New York City and everyone is constantly on their phones. Sadly, the selfies do live on, now, it is up to us to figure out when it is a great time to have a social media detox once in a while.

-km xoxo



I had always been inspired by the street artist, WRDSMTH and he has art all over Los Angeles. I follow him on Instagram and while I have been showing my cousins from Holland around LA — I had been keeping an eye out for his artwork.

Finally, I spotted an art piece of his and it is located in the Venice Beach area. The piece surrounded an electricity box and had two quotes — plus the logo of WRDSMTH.

The quote, which stood out to me was, “Create. Every day. And making excuses does not count.” I think this one stood out to me because he was right and reminded me that excuses are a waste of time.

The simplicity of WRDSMTH’s pieces are profound and takes the viewer to a simpler time. The artworks are straight forward, but they have a deeper meaning to all of them.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that there is a little bit of inspiration where ever we go. So try not to always look on your mobile phone and take a look around you.

Have a happy Monday!

– km xoxo

The Hidden Some

Art, Fashion, News

A friend of mine, John Jay Davidson launched a new magazine website called, The Hidden Some. The magazine features local Los Angeles artists, artists around the world and their art pieces. The art highlighted is from photography to make-up.

The art presented on the website is great because there is a wide variety of art. Street art is also mentioned, the article, “A New Giant In Town,” written by Ron Davison, depicts the latest street art from Shepard Fairey. Davison states in the article that there will be an exhibition in Detroit, Michigan featuring his works.

The first magazine issue will come soon and I will have those details for you soon!

If any artist would like to send it to the magazine, email the company at thehiddensome@gmail.com.

All artists welcome!

– km xoxo