#NewMusicTuesday: Stromae

Art, Videos

Rap is an universal genre of music and one Renaissance man has changed French rap. His name is Stromae and he is an overall artist. There is a deep meaning to each of his songs that discuss the real issues people have in today’s society. Stromae takes his artwork further and uses his music videos that cleverly connect with his powerful lyrics. The song, “Carmen” is profound and explains how consumerism has taken over society. Also, he mentions how it is ironic to see how people are only obsessed getting followers on Twitter by feeding the Twitter bird. Sadly, everyone dies and are not remembered. The cycle never ends and the Twitter bird finds its next victim.

He is poet and recently he posted his full concert, Racine Carrée Live on YouTube. His music speaks for itself and the use of special effects is captivating. Enjoy the live concert!


-km xoxo




Cheers to #NewMusicTuesday and thanks to the beautiful Lorde. She gives The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I Soundtrack a breath of life by curating the soundtrack. The music in the soundtrack is phenomenal and you can listen to it anywhere. One of my favourite songs from the soundtrack is, “Meldown” by Stromae featuring Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip and HAIM. It is unique because there is a great variety of amazing artists featured in one song. When I found out Stromae was in the soundtrack I was thrilled! This song can be in runway shows and represents the movie and book well. Thank you Lorde for having an amazing artist like Stromae on the soundtrack!!!

Do not forget to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I in theatres now!

– km xoxo