#TBT: Pipilotti Rist: Pixel Forest


If you need to have a quick escape and have no time to spend with nature I would say go to the New Museum. Pipilotti Rist’s Pixel Forest is out on display at the museum.

I went with one of my best friends, Allie (blogger of the The Rebel Planner) and literally we had a blast. Personally, I thought some of the exhibition was a little provocative by showing the female anatomy and I was not sure if there male parts as well. However, I did understand where Rist’s outtake was, how the female body has continued to be objectified and she uses it as a contrast to dreams.

The major theme to Rist’s exhibition was dreams and I thought she was very clever how she interpreted through her art. For example, in this photo bellow, it is like a dream scene you see in the movies where all the sheets are drying outside. I was so in awe how even the music coordinated so well with everything as well. The only scent that was not used was smell because I literally felt like I was in her art.


I think my most favorite was floor two, it had nerve-like light in one half in the room and another seating area with more video nature projections. All of the lights would go with the video’s music instead. Allie described it perfectly, it is like experiencing the film, the Avatar. The great thing about this piece was you were able to touch it and it was made out of some type of fiber glass. Warning, if you do end up going to the exhibition, please be careful of  walking because some people like myself kept bumping into the lights. So please do not break them.


The fourth floor was great because unlike the other first two floors there were a bunch of bed and couches laid. Visitors were able to lay on them without shoes and watch more of Rist’s nature films.


Each floor was so relaxing and she being able to catch a dream in one exhibition is amazing. The only thing that kind of freaked me out was the personal video pods. I went to one that was very haunting and it gave me a headache. I think the these videos were a contrast from pleasant dreams to nightmares.


Each experience Rist gives viewers something new and I enjoyed how interactive and relaxed the exhibition was. It was a great way to see the world in a different light; and it is a wonderful exhibition to attend.

The Pixel Forest will last until Sunday, Jan. 15th and go on a Thursday because it is Donation Nights from 6 – 9 P.M.

-km xoxo


#TBT Getting lost in the city is a good thing


Check out my school’s newspaper, The Ionian and my past article, Why getting lost in the city is a good thing. Maybe this will change your perspective of going to the city and explore more.

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I had the opportunity to go visit Washington D.C. last weekend and I was inspired seeing this street art piece in the Newseum. It is a clown-like face terrifyingly screaming, “ACT UP!”  The piece was created on one of the Berlin Wall pieces and the museum displayed the wall as if you were there in the 1960s to late 1980s. However, when I was there, I could feel the horror and separation of the wall. The differences from front and back are like night and day. The “ACT UP!” side had other works surrounding the wall, but in the back was completely blank.

It made me realize how powerful street art has been during that time and how it is influential now. For instance, Bansky‘s street art is similar to this piece because it is thought provoking and a reminder what is going on in society. I believe everyone should visit and see this piece because it was a part of our nation’s history to help Germany win democracy and peace.

Here is the photo below:


I hope you can visit soon, learn about the Wall and its impact on the world.

-km xoxo




#TBT: Jackson Pollock


When I went to the opening of the Whitney Museum earlier this May, I saw one of the abstract paintings of Jackson Pollock and I could not be more in awe. I always get excited to see Pollock’s artwork because his pieces are interesting to see and how there is a deeper meaning to them.

The first time I saw Pollock’s artwork was at Los Angeles County Museum of Art and there was an exhibition of his works. The main feature of Pollock’s artwork was One: Number 31 and ever since then, I could not get enough of his art.

Abstract art has always interested me and the psychological meaning behind the abstract expressionist movement is captivating. Most abstract art is used in psychology to figure out a person’s perspective on certain things and to allow psychologists to diagnose a patient. The Whitney Museum curates abstract art in a insightful manner in their theme, America Is Hard to See.

There was this particular piece from Pollock I saw at the Whitney Museum was the 1950s piece, Number 27. I have never seen an art piece of his with pastel colors and the other pieces I have seen of his were of much darker colors. The painting even matched my pastel, pink leather jacket and I had to take a photo with the piece.

The drippings and splatters of Number 27 have a movement like no other. The colors of pink, silver, green, white, yellow and black contrast well with each other. The colors flow to Pollock’s signature style that can mesmerize anyone.

– km xoxo

#TBT: Dimitar Lukanov


Every time I go to JFK and fly back to LAX; the art pieces still seem to amaze me whenever I am at JFK. I saw another piece of work by Dimitar Lukanov called, “Voice of Tomorrow.” I previously posted a photo of one of his hand-made sculptures and this is another sculpture of his that is made of steel tubing instead.

If you are traveling to or from JFK make sure that you stop by Terminal 4!

– km xoxo

#TBT: Cinderella + Teen Vogue Fashion U


The latest Cinderella film was one of the sponsors of Fashion U and there was a section for the students to hangout and had a Cinderella experience. I cannot wait to see the movie and the costumes! Vogue magazine had an article from their November 2014 issue regarding the Cinderella costumes and the link to the article is: http://www.vogue.com/4463911/cinderella-movie-2015-sandy-powell-costume-designer/.

There were several art pieces, clothing and chocolates shaped as glass slippers. Zac Posen and Coco Rocha had some of their designs on display during Fashion U based off the inspiration from the classic story. Here are some photos of the Cinderella experience:


-km xoxo

#TBT #JFK Terminal 4


Back in LA! Yes, I am super happy to be back home for the holidays and already I miss NY too. My travels were great and when I was in JFK I noticed this unique art piece by the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift Store. The art piece is called, “The History of Time” by Dimitar Lukanov and it is hand-sculpted. Brilliant, right??? The sculpture is fascinating and captivates you as you walk Terminal 4 at the airport. For more information about Dimitar and the rest of his works; go to: http://www.dimitarlukanov.com/. Hope everyone’s day went well!

– km xoxo