Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion Part I

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Happy Monday and I hope everyone’s weekend was well! Mine was great and filled with museum trips! I had the opportunity to attend and see The Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s newest exhibition, Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion. It was simply breathtaking and I enjoyed how the exhibition started with a Viktor and Rolf Fall 2015 Couture gown featured in the entrance. Then as you enter the actual exhibition, you see another beautiful ball gown from the all-star duo. These two pieces are starting points to the exhibition because they display the gowns as art pieces.The entrance piece is a gown, which can be hung as a painting and the ball gown is perfectly cut somewhat like a sculpture.

The Met’s curator, Andrew Bolton tells the story how fashion has become an art form beginning in the eighteenth century. France became the center in creating exquisite detailed garments because of King Louis XIV. Here are two pieces from the era:


You can tell the craftsmanship to the garments by their structure and careful pleating to exaggerate the woman’s figure. British men also, were fashionable then, here are two coat-like outfits they would wearing:


During this time, the men’s fashion would be called, Dandy due to the pompousness and polished look of the men’s outfits. You can learn more about the history of the Dandy man by watching this British GQ YouTube video here. It is interesting to see how the modern Dandy has transformed today.

Then as you walk further, there is a section on nineteenth century clothing. Bolton curates, “Fashion of this era reflect the tension between the embrace of new technologies and nostalgia for a preindustrial past, as seen in the revival of historical styles and the continued importance of fine handwork.” One gown that stood out to me was created by the House of Worth.


You can see how it is less exaggerated by the wast unlike the first two eighteenth gowns. There is more detail toward the bust and waist. However, the draping is similar to the other gowns.

The early twentieth century pieces became more exciting to see since the art evolved more so. I adore the Charles James’ “La Sirene” Evening Dress or known as “the lobster dress.” He is a master at his skill and I love the pleating. You can see it here:


Another designer I could not keep my eyes off was Elsa Schiaparelli’s “Cocteau” Evening Jacket and Skirt. The illustration of the woman is beautifully done and it is not too overbearing to the outfit. I like how the design moves and the structure of the skirt’s pleats cascade perfectly below the knees. You can picture Katherine Hepburn or Lauren Bacall wear this.

The picture to the bottom right is a printed dress made by Salvador Dali. It made me so in awe because I wish more artists collaborated with designers more. I know H&M and UNIQULO tend to have art collaborations. However, I mean there should be another a great partnership between artist and designer like Dali and MGM costume designer, Gilbert Adrian. I love this dress because it is eye catching and the art speaks for itself. The print gives the dress a bold statement and that is what fashion and art is — expressing oneself.


For now, I will finish this blog post and write a part II. Please be sure to keep an eye out for it!

-km xoxo




#TBT: Bruna’s Lifestyle YouTube Channel

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Great news! One of my close friends/besties Bruna Mikan has her very own YouTube Channel. She has featured me and bestie Amani on her newest video about us creating mug recipes. Some were delicious and others were alright. It was fun and a great experience to shoot and cook with these lovelies.

I hope you all enjoy and subscribe to her YouTube Channel!


-km xoxo

2016 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Series

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This weekend I binged watched Vogue’s 2016 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Series on its YouTube Channel.  I loved every minute of it and I thought the process really pushed each designer. This truly shows detail, personality and hard work pays off. Anyone interested in fashion should watch this and learn how valuable it is to nurture new designers today.

I’m so happy for the runners up and the winners! They were all my favorite from the start, but I am not telling you who they are! You must watch first — NO SPOILERS.

Enjoy, the playlist here:


-km xoxo

Victoria Secret 2016 Fashion Show

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Bright lights are glowing because Monday, Dec. 5, 2016 CBS will be televising the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris. Yes, Paris! It will be the first time the show has been in the City of Light. Every time leading up to the show, I watch Victoria’s Secret Behind-The-Scenes YouTube videos and they are so insightful to watch. For instance, learning how the venue is chosen to model castings is a great way to learn how a fashion show is created and produced.


Let the countdown begin and get ready to put on your wings angels!

-km xoxo

Think like a Brit #BritishStyle

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British fashion has always been posh and electric. There is many layers to British fashion and thanks to British GQ and British Vogue have created a video series called, “The Roots of British Style.” Each week, they will be posting a video on their YouTube channels and teach the public about the history of British Fashion. Here is the trailer bellow:


Personally, I love watching this series so far and I admire how the British value the art of education and learning. It is intriguing to see where all the British popular styles have come from and how its fashion revolutionized today.

Also, if you have spare time, check out British Vogue’s “The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung: Series 1 & 2.”  It is about teaching the fundamentals of today’s fashion industry from being a digital editor to a public relations director. It is a great series to check out if you are also interested in working in fashion.

I would love to hear your comments about your thoughts on the two series and recommendations on other fashion educational videos; so please comment below!


-km xoxo


#NewMusicTuesday: Stromae

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Rap is an universal genre of music and one Renaissance man has changed French rap. His name is Stromae and he is an overall artist. There is a deep meaning to each of his songs that discuss the real issues people have in today’s society. Stromae takes his artwork further and uses his music videos that cleverly connect with his powerful lyrics. The song, “Carmen” is profound and explains how consumerism has taken over society. Also, he mentions how it is ironic to see how people are only obsessed getting followers on Twitter by feeding the Twitter bird. Sadly, everyone dies and are not remembered. The cycle never ends and the Twitter bird finds its next victim.

He is poet and recently he posted his full concert, Racine Carrée Live on YouTube. His music speaks for itself and the use of special effects is captivating. Enjoy the live concert!


-km xoxo

#NewMusicTuesday: Leon Bridges


I adore the music of 1960s era and there was a commercial featuring the music of Leon Bridges. His music reminded me of the records my dad plays and the 60s era.

The song that was featured was, “Coming Home” from his album, Coming Home and the song has a classic feel to it.

Hope everyone’s Tuesday is well and play some sweet soul music to relax.

– km xoxo

#NewMusicTuesday: Brooke Fraser


It is never too late to publish a #NewMusicTuesday post! This song was free on iTunes a while ago and I cannot remember when I purchased it. However, the beat to the song called, “Kings & Queens” by Brooke Fraser. The song is 70s inspired and goes perfectly with the spring/summer trend. This song can take anyone to Coachella and Fraser’s voice is dreamy.

In the music video, I like how the video was treated as an art piece that featured sports and dance. The illusion of power works well with the lyrics. However, it does take time to find power in ourselves.

Also, the studded leather jacket Fraser was wearing…I need it.

– km xoxo

#NewMusicTuesday: Big Data + Jamie Lidell


Here is to the almost summer and the long await for long beach days! Cheers to Big Data and Jamie Lidell collaborating on a soon-to-be summer track of the season. The song is called, “Clean” and Big Data’s album, “2.0” is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

Also, last summer my sister, a couple of friends of mine and I saw Big Data open for Magic Man at The Grove in Los Angeles. He was pretty good and he played some of his songs from the album.

There are free concerts there every summer and when The Grove posts dates on who is playing; I will let you all know!


– km xoxo