#NewMusicTuesday: #Thirdstory

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The concert series my roommate, Amani and I have been to three concerts for the past three weeks has finally ended. The last show we saw was Thursday, September 29 at the Highline Ballroom.

Literally, I thought Amani was joking I was not prepared seeing Thirdstory. Ha…she was right. The whole time I was speechless and I could not believe how unreal they are. Their vocals were perfect and they even sounded better live.

They had done many of their covers and a few original songs. It was a blessing to see their last show of their tour. PEOPLE, GO SEE THEM LIVE AND LISTEN TO THEM NOW. ASAP.

Hopefully, Thirdstory’s new album will come out soon…time will tell.

Here is a favorite song of mine from their “Searching EP” and it is called, “G Train.” It is witty, expressing their hardships not getting the girl they want to bed and end up taking the slowest train back home — which is the G train.



-km xoxo


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