Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you all look fabulous and chic in your costumes! Here is a little street art inspiration, courtesy of Bradley Theodore:


Be safe and have fun tonight!

-km xoxo




I had the opportunity to go visit Washington D.C. last weekend and I was inspired seeing this street art piece in the Newseum. It is a clown-like face terrifyingly screaming, “ACT UP!”  The piece was created on one of the Berlin Wall pieces and the museum displayed the wall as if you were there in the 1960s to late 1980s. However, when I was there, I could feel the horror and separation of the wall. The differences from front and back are like night and day. The “ACT UP!” side had other works surrounding the wall, but in the back was completely blank.

It made me realize how powerful street art has been during that time and how it is influential now. For instance, Bansky‘s street art is similar to this piece because it is thought provoking and a reminder what is going on in society. I believe everyone should visit and see this piece because it was a part of our nation’s history to help Germany win democracy and peace.

Here is the photo below:


I hope you can visit soon, learn about the Wall and its impact on the world.

-km xoxo




Think like a Brit #BritishStyle

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British fashion has always been posh and electric. There is many layers to British fashion and thanks to British GQ and British Vogue have created a video series called, “The Roots of British Style.” Each week, they will be posting a video on their YouTube channels and teach the public about the history of British Fashion. Here is the trailer bellow:


Personally, I love watching this series so far and I admire how the British value the art of education and learning. It is intriguing to see where all the British popular styles have come from and how its fashion revolutionized today.

Also, if you have spare time, check out British Vogue’s “The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung: Series 1 & 2.”  It is about teaching the fundamentals of today’s fashion industry from being a digital editor to a public relations director. It is a great series to check out if you are also interested in working in fashion.

I would love to hear your comments about your thoughts on the two series and recommendations on other fashion educational videos; so please comment below!


-km xoxo


Raining Collabs

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Last week was just a whirlwind and all the news featuring new collaborations is just too hot to handle!

First, let’s start with Eddie Borgo x Tiffany & Co. and it will be a time capsule collection about sculpture Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney.  It will be coming out Dec. 1 and to learn more read Vogue‘s article, “Eddie Borgo Introduces His Fine-Jewelry Line for Tiffany & Co.” by Emma Elwick-Bates. This article is also featured on Vogue’s latest issue too, so make sure you grab your coffee today and get ready for your early Christmas shopping!

However, if you are not familiar with Borgo, he is known for his sleek, modern architectural jewelry pieces to his classic handbags. Some of you will know him from his summer 2015 Target collaboration or recognize his pieces worn by the iconic angels during the previous Victoria Secret 2014 and 2015 Fashion Shows.

Speaking of Target collaborations, Business of Fashion‘s Lauren Sherman exclusively announced the Target x Victoria Beckham collaboration out April 9, 2017, online and in-stores. This is another exciting collaboration because it will feature apparel and accessories for women and children. Remember, this will be a limited-edition collection, so make sure to add this to your calendar too!

Excitement is definitely in the air and let the collaborations keep coming!

-km xoxo

Monday Pick-Me-Up

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Monday is almost done, but do you need a pick-me-up? Why not try listening to Saint Motel’s “Move.” It is 70s inspired 360 degree music video and it will leave you dancing! Literally, I have been listening to this all day and their new album, “Saintmotelevision.”

So play it on repeat…NOW.




-km xoxo

Happy Fri-yay!


IT IS OFFICIALLY FRIDAY!!! If you are in the city today, please keep your eyes out for these positive “Be Mighty” flyers in the Lower East Side. A couple of months ago one of my best friends and I saw these and loved them! Hopefully they are still out and bring a smile to your FRI-YAY!



-km xoxo

#tbt Kyu Nam Han


Artist, Kyu Nam Han is a local New Rochelle artist, born originally from Seoul, South Korea. I had the opportunity to see his open gallery and meet him with two friends of mine. It was an awe experience visiting his studio and to see all of this artworks. I was constantly looking at his paintings closely to see what his process was. However, I could tell he gets his inspiration from French artists, Georges-Pierre Seurat and Paul Signac. Instead, Han uses bigger points, more like circles to create his art pieces — unlike the Seurat and Signac.

When I asked him about his process and he listens to Mozart when he paints. Personally, I thought it was cool to hear and see him teach me and my friend his process of painting. In his New York City paintings, there is a vivid moment to each panel and unique detail. I like how he tries to blend eastern and western art influences. This reminds me of the Impressionists like Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh being influenced from Japanese artistry.

Next time you are in New Rochelle, check out Han’s art studio.

-km xoxo



Are you zen for TV?


Are Wednesday blues hitting you today? Why not checking out this art piece Zen for TV (1963) by Nam June Paik.


Yes, televisions are suppose to be a de-stressor for after a long day of work and form of entertainment. However, this ironic piece shows a TV on its side with a light in the middle. Personally, I do find it calming just looking at it; but, I think the piece shows how much society does rely on watching television too. So maybe the television is trying to be zen from us. Who knows? It is still a great piece to admire and look at.

-km xoxo

H&M x Alex Katz

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Time is ticking and Kenzo x H&M will be here soon, Thursday, Nov. 3 and the its next collaboration is  well announced by Vogue.com. Surprise! H&M will be having a new art collaboration with American artist, Alex Katz and it will come out Dec. 1. His work will be feature into men, women and home collections.

I think this is a great idea for H&M to continue to collab with artists because it will allow art fans and fashionistas a chance to own great works. I cannot wait to see which type of artworks he will be using for each of these collections. Maybe, his iconic painting, “The Red Smile” (1927) will be used on a sweatshirt or on a shirt. We shall wait an see this great fashion and art collaboration soon!

-km xoxo