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If anyone has doubt of what to wear this season, no worries. There is an online article on Vogue.com and helps college students re-invent their personal style through their particular major. There is a back to school section in their website for the latest beauty to fashion trends of the school year.

Here are the links to incredible styles this year: http://www.vogue.com/13297782/back-to-school-accessories-fall-trends-college-style/ & http://www.vogue.com/1095261/best-fall-makeup-hair-products-back-to-school/.


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#NewMusicTuesday: Years & Years

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We Are Your Friends is a film that is coming out this Friday, August 28 and I cannot wait to see it. The film is taken place back in my home town, The Valley in Southern California. It will be a nice change to see where director, Max Joseph chose what locations he picked to film in The Valley. Also, I cannot wait to show my friends in New York where my hometown is and the story looks pretty good. I love listening to electronic dance music too and there are many international DJs that cameo throughout the film.

I chose a song from the movie’s soundtrack, “Desire” by Years & Years and remixed by Griffin. The song fits perfectly with the movie’s plot and is one of my favourites from the whole album.

Do not forget to watch the electronic music inspired film and enjoy!

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China: Through The Looking Glass Exhibition

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It is great to be back in New York and I am so happy I was able to visit the city this weekend. My friend, Bruna and I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art because she has never been there before. It was a lovely time and we saw the exhibition, China: Through The Looking Glass.

The curation of the exhibition was whimsical and enlightening. I could not believe my eyes and the Anna Wintour Costume Center was anything I could have imagined. I was not able to attend the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition last year and going to this year’s makes up for the loss.

The exhibition was a combination of East meets West. There was a room that accentuates the theme in a garden with floating mannequins on water. The metaphor of how the theme of Through the Looking Glass can relate to Buddhism in China. The setting had a calm and captivating atmosphere and it reflected mood of the other visitors.

There were a large amount of clothing and artifacts. I took so many pictures and looked carefully at each dress. The amount of detail of past and present designs from different eras is phenomenal. I was in awe and there was this Alexander McQueen evening gown made out of porcelain and organza. The mosaic application was carefully thought out in the bodice of the dress. Also, the neck piece added a regal detail to the gown.

Another dress I could keep my eyes off was the Evening Dress by Guo Pei. The gown is made from gold lamé and gold/silver silk. The Pei creation makes a regal statement and shines throughout the room. Every part of the dress is detailed and you cannot keep your eyes off of it.

Here are some photos of my favourites:


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Vogue’s NYC Guide

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I am currently back in the beautiful state of New York for school again. Yes, time flies and moving on to year three. Insane!

Whenever I am back in the Big Apple, I always constantly look and read what is going on in the city. Luckily, thanks to Vogue.com, there is a New York City Guide and it is perfection!

You can narrow your searches on the page. There are many sections to choose from of what you want to do in the city. For example, under the city you have selected, there are two search engines after and the viewer can choose activities to where to go vintage shopping. Plus, the user can decide their favourite curator as their guide.

Hopefully this weekend I will have the chance to go back to the city. I am mostly going to use the guide for activities and dining. So, we shall see how it goes!

However, I still need to visit the exhibition, China: Through The Looking Glass and the it closes Monday, September 7.

I was so happy that The Metropolitan Museum of Art extended the fashion exhibition due to popular demand.

Do not forget to keep an eye out for my blog post on the exhibition this weekend!

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#HBD Andy Warhol


Happy 83rd birthday Andy Warhol!

Here a small homage to the iconic pop artist, who revolutionized the 1960s and created a new view on advertising.

The first photo is a Warhol coffee table book I read from time to time called, “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years.”  The other three photos are from the Museum of Modern Art featuring the famous works, “Orange Car Crash Fourteen Times” and “Campbell Soup Cans.”

Cheers Warhol!

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